Sunday, May 24, 2015

Playgrounds are a Priority in Winnetka

Winnetka has 4 other very clean and well-maintained parks, and conveniently there is at least one strategically within a quarter mile of each of the 3 train stations, giving the town a very green and beautiful look. However, many towns don’t even have one safe place for their children to play and their parks are not nearly as well maintained as those in Winnetka. The children of Winnetka have a variety of options- and soon one will include a heating center and a splash pad. This coming summer, the Village of Winnetka plans to spend $2 million on renovating the park on Gage Street in Hubbard woods, which is already very nice.

Above is the renovation plan for the new park. One feature I think is interesting is the rubber safety surfacing, which is not necessary for the park, but will help assure the helicopter-parents of the North Shore that their children will not get injured. Additionally, I think that under park bench it says “typical” in parentheses. What other kind of park bench would it be? Because everything else about the park is so fancy and atypical, the plan for the bench stands out as not fitting in.

The plan for the park includes many new features, which have a strong appeal to
North Shore mothers and their children. However, not everyone is excited about the park. Business owners and employees fear that the park, which will take away space from some of the parking lots, will be detrimental to their businesses. But, the village council voted 4-1 in favor of the renovation, disregarding the complaints of the owners of the downtown businesses.

Is implementing these fancy additions to the park worth loosing business in the downtown stores and restaurants?

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